Our Mission

Betterhumans Inc, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Florida non-profit, is the world’s first
specifically-transhumanist bio-medical research organization.

The human body is an amazing product of natural selection and evolution. But evolution operates too slowly for 21st Century Man, and it will now become the platform for a host of upgrades that extend human capabilities beyond what Nature has provided so far. Guided by the Proactionary Principle, Betterhumans will strive to radically extend healthy lifespans, end human diseases, improve human cognition and wellbeing, and allow us to upgrade those biological features that are important to us.

Human safety is of the highest importance to us. That’s why we are performing tests on non-human mammals first. In our lab now, we are conducting gene-therapy and stem cell experiments on mice. In the near future we will take what we’ve learned and apply them to mammals more similar to humans, and as soon as we safely can, we will run pilot human clinical trials.

Our goal, as a non-profit, is to develop therapies that can be offered at the lowest cost possible. Stem cell transplants and gene therapy upgrades (such as improved health and lifespan) should not cost you the equivalent of buying a car, it should be as affordable as a new cell phone or laptop. We hope to pioneer storefront clinics that can provide these upgrades so that anyone over the age of 65 can afford them, and can participate in the wave of Exponential Technology in the bio-medical field that will propel us into an unlimited future of lasting health and youth. All discoveries will be offered under a Creative Commons Public Patent License format, or the equivalent.

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